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Azeti is a family run business, trading in hand-made homewares and serve ware. The items they sell have been chosen for their aesthetic qualities and craftsmanship and rather uniquely because it allows us to support the communities from which they originate.


Based in Wiltshire, the range includes the highly polished recycled aluminium serve ware with bright enamel finishing and the votives and heart dishes made from recycled.  Handmade in India the products are handmade and beautifully designed.


Azeti is a member of the BAFTS and continues to meet their 10 standards of fair trade set out by the World Fair Trade Organisation.



image from azeti range
image from azeti range
creature comfort dog accessories

Founded in 1999 by

designer Cosima Pole,

Creatures Clothes has

remained steadfast to it's

original ethos to create

beautiful, ethical &

environmental aware

products for pets & for

your home.


A recent collaboration

with adventurer, author & presenter Ben Fogle introduces the Fogle & Pole Vintage Collection of quirky kit for you & your pet.


All goods are manufactured in the UK, mainly in the Suffolk workshop.

Creature Clothes


stack of multi coloured pantone mugs

Pantone Universe is a design-led collection for the home or workplace bringing vibrant colour to your world. Using colours from Pantone, the author of the universal colour language, the designs have become modern classics.

Lanka Kade is the UK's

biggest supplier of fair

trade toys made by family

enterprises in Sri Lanka.


All products are designed

exclusively in the UK, with

the design team based in

Leicestershire. Products

are made from rubber wood sourced from plantations that are replanted. All products are PVC free and every effort is made to avoid excessive packaging.


The designs are made by ten family enterprises, allowing each producer to utilise and develop their individual knowledge and skills. Each business is independent and supplies directly to Lanka Kade, enabling producers to receive a full and fair price for their products.


Lanka Kade is a member of the BAFTS and continues to

meet their 10 standards of fair trade set out by the

World Fair Trade Organisation.

Lanka Kade

animal design book rest

Best Years Ltd


soft toy doll of humpty dumpty

Best Years’ knitted and crochet toys are

tactile, affordable and tested to EN71 and

CE standards. The ranges are handmade,

fair trade and include Pebble toys and

rattles and Best Years' own knitted

dinosaur designs.  Above all the toys

are super cute and we can't help

but fall in love with them!




















Best Years Ltd is a member of the BAFTS and continues to

meet their 10 standards of fair trade set out by the World Fair

Trade Organisation.


soft toy dinosoaur and octypus

Welcome to the wonderful world of fairies. Now you can be part of it too.

Could you give a real fairy a home? Find a special place to put your fairy door.....

...leave the magic key beside the door


  If the key is gone by morning, your fairy has moved in!


With a dedicated fairy blog & advice on how to invite a fairy into your home My Own Fairy will delight children & parents alike.


Online Magical Fairy Stories to read



Chapter One


Rowena and Mummy were waiting for Ruth to come out of school. Mummy was chatting to the other mummies but Rowena was bored. She wished she could go to choir rehearsals like Ruth but she wasn’t old enough yet. “Why don’t you run around with your friends?” asked Mummy. Lily and Lola were chasing Freddie round the playground and Rowena watched them for a while. Usually she loved playing with them but today she felt grumpy and didn’t want to join in. She was hot and tired and thirsty. “I want to go home” she complained. “In a minute” said Mummy. “You know we have to wait for Ruth.” Rowena went over to sit in the shade of the huge beech tree at the edge of the playground. It was cool there and she sat very still, watching a ladybird crawling along a blade of grass. She remembered the little nursery rhyme that Mummy had taught her and she recited it to the ladybird...


My Own Fairy

My Own Fairy door
My Own Fairy door

Sara Page Designs

Stylish and contemporary table ware by Sara Page Designs. Based in Warwickshire, Sara Page brings warmth and fun to her home range. Inspired by both nature and her love of cooking and shared meals the collection includes tea towels, trays, coasters, mugs and other ceramics.

designs by sara page
designs by sara page
designs by sara page

The Vintage Model Company

Based in Bakewell in Derbyshire, The Vintage Model Company is committed to providing quality kits of vintage model aircrafts.


Model kits make great gifts, not only because they look great when finished but they offer hours of enjoyment, the ability to learn new skills and the ultimate sense of achievement once the model is complete.


The current range of precision laser-cut balsa kits hark back to an era of aeromodelling where ''stick and tissue" planes were all the rage and rubber powered aircrafts were flown in the park every Sunday afternoon.


The kits are aimed at modellers with varying degrees of experience but a certain level of competence is assumed.  All kits require the use of glues and scalpels and so are not suitable for younger children.

Vintage paper mache airoplane model
wolf in the shed fused glass coaster

Wolf in the Shed

Fused Glass.

Based in Southport Simon Wolf carefully crafts individual pieces of art glass. Layers of glass are melted together with brass, copper and other coloured glass to create images which suggests mainly natural things. Our range includes smaller tiles with loops for hanging and larger pieces. Due to the nature of the work each item is completely individual.



The greeting card with the POUCH! Whatever you slip inside the card will be 'under wraps' with Pouchcards’ UNIQUE integral pouch. The recipient will know there is a special gift inside the pouch but will only see it once the pouch is opened.


You can send almost anything that of course fits in the pouch... theatre tickets, car key for passing a driving test, picture of a baby scan or even pop in an engagement ring and watch their face light up when they open the pouch and it pops out.


The only card that truly keeps the gift under wraps until the recipient opens it!